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Need apartments to rent or shoot? Check out these below!


Experience the inviting blend of modern comfort and timeless charm at Cambridge Apartments, an ideal filming location in Amarillo, Texas, with well-maintained grounds, contemporary interiors, and versatile outdoor settings perfect for capturing a wide range of scenes and storylines.

Immerse yourself in the serene oasis of Canyon Creek Apartments, a picturesque filming location in Amarillo, Texas, offering lush green surroundings, modern interiors, and ample amenities for capturing diverse storylines in a tranquil setting.


Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Canyon Crest Apartments, a captivating filming location in Amarillo, Texas, with breathtaking landscapes, modern interiors, and versatile community amenities that provide the perfect backdrop for a wide range of film genres and storylines.

Discover La Paloma, an enchanting filming location in Amarillo, Texas, with its luxurious Spanish-inspired architecture, manicured grounds, and resort-style amenities that provide a versatile backdrop for a wide range of film genres, offering captivating outdoor scenes, intimate settings, and an upscale lifestyle depiction.


Film at Firestone Apartments—an industrial, contemporary location showcasing Texans' ingenuity in maximizing existing spaces. With exposed brick walls, open floor plans, large patio areas, and a modern interior, this versatile filming location is perfect for capturing sleek loft scenes, creative workspaces, modern dramas, or authentic living portrayals, all with ample natural light and convenient parking.

The Wellington Apartments provide diverse filming opportunities with various apartment sizes, ranging from dated to modern, spacious communal areas, including baseball fields and pools, ample covered parking, and a warm cabin-like exterior, making it an ideal location for capturing a range of living lifestyles and everyday scenes.


Experience the versatile backdrop of Wisdom Drive Apartments, a hidden gem in Amarillo, Texas, with charming exteriors, diverse apartments, and vibrant community amenities, perfect for capturing heartwarming family moments or captivating slice-of-life dramas.

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