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Hotel Check In

Motels and Hotels

Here in the Texas Panhandle, there are a range of phenomenal morels and hotels to both shoot and stay in. Check them out below!


Capture the allure of a rustic motel—a captivating relic of a bygone era—offering diverse room options, a weathered facade, covered parking, and an ideal setting for gritty, nostalgic, or mysterious film scenes.

Immerse yourself in the newly built Barfield Hotel—a luxurious Texas Panhandle gem that combines the region's charm with a touch of opulence, featuring beautifully designed bedrooms, a speakeasy bar, conference rooms, a rooftop patio, and captivating art pieces throughout, offering the perfect setting to capture the essence of an upscale hotel in your film.


Experience the vintage charm of the “Big Texan” motel, located near the iconic restaurant, with its light wood-paneled rooms, distinctive bright pink and blue pueblo-style exterior, and a courtyard adorned with the Texas flag, providing the perfect filming location for western-inspired scenes and a cohesive transition from exterior to interior.

Film at The Cactus Cove—an ideal Amarillo location with beautifully decorated hotel rooms, event venues, and updated communal spaces, including an indoor pickleball court, pool, atrium, and games, providing the perfect backdrop for capturing conferences, communal activities, modern hotel scenes, and a vibrant city atmosphere.

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The Super 8 Motel in Amarillo, Texas provides a versatile and affordable filming location with its modern amenities and adaptable interior spaces.

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