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Film Set

Outside Spaces

There is nothing quite like the Texas landscape, and these unique locations are perfect to capture that!

Lake Tanglewood in Amarillo, Texas is a captivating filming location with its stunning lake, scenic landscapes, and tranquil ambiance, offering a versatile backdrop for a wide range of film genres.


The Silver Dollar Speedway, Amarillo's premier kart and micro racing venue, offers a no-frills, high-speed experience with its circular dirt track, metal bleachers, and open field of grass, making it the perfect location for racing-themed projects capturing the essence of southern car culture and old-fashioned fun.

Starlight Ranch, located near The Big Texan, offers a versatile event space with its large open area, stage, stable-floored tents, ample seating, and spacious parking lot, making it the perfect filming location for concert scenes, weddings, parties, county fairs, and more.

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