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Police Cars

Criminal Justice

Need a jail cell or a police department? We have you covered!


Canyon Police Department in Canyon, Texas offers a versatile and authentic filming location, featuring modern facilities, dedicated personnel, and a commitment to public safety, perfect for capturing a range of law enforcement scenes.

The Neal unit offers a realistic filming location with modern architecture, a secure courtyard, and ample amenities, providing an authentic backdrop for gripping narratives in a controlled and safe environment.


The Potter County Jail in Amarillo, Texas offers a realistic and immersive filming location with its imposing architecture, secure facilities, and gritty atmosphere, perfect for capturing intense prison scenes or exploring the criminal justice system.

The Randall County Jail in Amarillo, Texas offers an authentic and immersive filming location, featuring a secure environment with cell blocks, administrative offices, and strict security measures, ideal for capturing gripping prison dramas or exploring the criminal justice system.

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