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The range of businesses here in the Panhandle will provide the perfect backdrop for your project!


Experience the sophistication and modernity of Amarillo National Bank, boasting polished skyscrapers with classic charm and contemporary interiors, perfect for capturing the essence of a bank setting, professional environment, or even a thrilling bank robbery.

The Centennial Plaza—an often overlooked gem of Amarillo—offers a picturesque outdoor space with beautiful art, a stunning fountain, and a vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal location for filming peaceful moments, outdoor gatherings, and capturing the essence of Amarillo's proud heritage.


Experience the captivating Globe News Center—a versatile filming location adorned with a vibrant interior resembling a beehive under the Texas sun, featuring a large auditorium, professional lighting, ample seating, a backstage section, grand entrance, and spacious lobby, perfect for capturing performances, artistic shots, and the creative thought process of talented individuals in a stunning setting.

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