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Need a saloon, speakeasy, dive bar or more? Check out our local bars!


Experience the energetic Golden Light Cantina—an eclectic Texas burger haven with live music, vibrant decor, and mouthwatering food—providing a dynamic filming location that captures the essence of a lively and fun-filled Texas cantina, ideal for scenes featuring food, live performances, and the vibrant spirit of Texan camaraderie.

Capture the essence of sophistication and authenticity at the Paramount Recreational Club—a Texas hotel bar blending timeless charm with contemporary elegance, offering a well-stocked bar, trendy lighting, and versatile filming opportunities for social interactions, celebrations, introspective moments, and the vibrant panhandle nightlife.


Experience the energetic ambiance of an Amarillo bar with multiple pool tables, neon signs, TVs, dart boards, high tables, and gambling machines—a perfect filming location to capture the dynamic and thrilling atmosphere of a lively night out.

Zombiez Bar in Amarillo, Texas, a vibrant watering hole, offers a visually striking backdrop with its bold and colorful decor, road signs, flags, street art, and neon lighting, capturing the rebellious and free-spirited essence of biker culture in an energetic atmosphere centered around a pool table.

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