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Indulge in the flavors of Texas with the Golden Light Cantina, a location for some of the best burgers and beers in town with a lively atmosphere often filled with live music on their humble stage. It’s eclectic decor, energetic vibe, and friendly people make it the perfect location for the backdrop of a fast paced and fun Texas cantina, capturing the spirit of the simple necessities of a Texan; good food, good music, and good company. Every frame is guaranteed to exude this flavor, whether you are shooting an eating scene, a live music performance, a bar fight, or more. 

1. Cantina 
2. Kitchen 
3. Outdoor and Indoor Dining 
4. Eclectic decor 
5. Pieces of decor on every inch of the wall 
6. Dim lighting 
7. Wood accents 
8. Nostalgia 

35.1241N 101.5208W

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