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Diners, Cafes, and Restaurants

Check out the exciting and unique diners, cafes, and restaurants in the Texas Panhandle!


Experience the vintage charm of the “Big Texan” motel, located near the iconic restaurant, with its light wood-paneled rooms, distinctive bright pink and blue pueblo-style exterior, and a courtyard adorned with the Texas flag, providing the perfect filming location for western-inspired scenes and a cohesive transition from exterior to interior.

Experience authentic Texas BBQ at Doug’s BBQ, a rustic and charming filming location nestled in a weathered shed, offering a glimpse into the timeless tradition of classic Texas dining.


Immerse yourself in the cozy charm of Girasol Cafe and Bakery—a delightful cafe capturing the essence of Texas hospitality, with its inviting outdoor seating, well-equipped kitchen, and a nostalgic yet updated atmosphere perfect for filming friendly meetups, showcasing a cafe where regulars feel at home, and capturing the vibrant blend of community, plants, and sun-drenched decor.

OHMS—a family-owned Texas Panhandle restaurant with a vibrant bistro atmosphere, impressive drink options, and versatile filming locations including a formal dining room, bar area, outdoor seating, and even an unused basement space—provides the perfect backdrop for a range of scenes, from bistro and bar settings to formal dinners or even suspenseful basement scenes.


Lone Star Grill in Amarillo, Texas offers an authentic and vibrant filming location, featuring rustic Western decor, live music, Tex-Mex cuisine, and a lively atmosphere that captures the essence of Texas.

Experience the authentic Southern charm of Shelby's Diner—a Texas cafe that invites you into a delightful filming location with warm interiors, friendly seating, tantalizing pies, and a small-town ambiance, perfect for capturing friendly conversations, heartwarming moments, and the cozy atmosphere of a simple yet inviting cafe.


Film at Toscana Italian Steakhouse—an exquisite dining space merging Texan and Italian influences, offering sophisticated ambiance, comfortable seating, and a versatile backdrop for capturing intimate dining scenes and the fusion of flavors in an elegant setting.

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