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Family owned and operated, OHMS captures the true entrepreneurial spirit of the Texas Panhandle, a restaurant with an impressive wine and beer list, extensive signature martinis, vibrant atmosphere, and bistro vibe. Come dressed in your best, or roll through in boots and jeans, all are welcome in this warm lighted, cozy, established restaurant with a formal dining room, bar area, and outdoor dining area. This location is perfect to demonstrate a bistro scene, an elevated bar scene, or a formal dinner. With an additional bonus of extra unused space in the basement, this space at OHMS can vary from bright dinners to horror story basement scenes.

1. Bar
2. Indoor eating
3. Outdoor eating
4. Formal dining room
5. Basement
6. Kitchen
7. Bistro decor
8. Large front patio
9. Ample Parking

35.12'27N 101.50'15"W

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