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Beautiful spaces for impactful scenes


The Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas is a visually captivating filming location that embodies timeless beauty, spiritual tranquility, and versatile settings for a range of projects, from religious ceremonies to personal moments of introspection, with its striking architecture, warm atmosphere, and intricate details.

Faith Community in Canyon, Texas is a versatile and picturesque filming location, combining a charming chapel, serene outdoor spaces, and rustic elements to provide an authentic backdrop for a range of projects.


First Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas offers a visually captivating and spiritually significant filming location with its grand architecture, majestic interiors, and historical ambiance.

Step into Amarillo's First Presbyterian Church—a vintage Southern Praise sanctuary adorned with beautiful artwork, offering a versatile filming location with a grand entrance, spacious sanctuary, classic pews, and a serene courtyard, perfect for capturing church-based scenes, moments of peace, and community shots with a timeless and nostalgic feel.


Experience the captivating United Methodist Church—a versatile filming location featuring an ornate sanctuary, intimate chapel, grand entrance, and picturesque courtyard, perfect for a range of scenes, from weddings and funerals to community events and powerful sermons, with a timeless atmosphere that adds depth and authenticity to your project.

Victory Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas is a versatile and visually appealing filming location, offering a modern design, spacious interiors, scenic outdoor areas, and a grand sanctuary perfect for capturing various types of scenes.

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The WT Chapel in Amarillo, Texas offers a picturesque and versatile filming location, combining timeless elegance, serene surroundings, and a spacious interior ideal for capturing a range of scenes, from weddings to spiritual moments.

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