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First Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas is a stunning filming location that exudes elegance, history, and a sense of spiritual reverence. With its grand architecture, majestic interiors, and intricate details, this church provides a visually captivating backdrop for a wide range of film genres. Whether you're filming a religious ceremony, a period piece, or a dramatic scene set in a sacred space, First Baptist Church offers an authentic and atmospheric setting. Its spacious halls, beautiful stained glass windows, and ornate decor make it an ideal choice for projects that require a touch of grandeur and spiritual significance.

1 . Large Sanctuary
2 . Small chapel
3 . Large organ
4 . Fitness center
5 . Community center
6 . Bible study rooms
7 . Classrooms
8 . Pews
9 . Nurseries
10 . Stain glass
11 . Large parking spaces
12 . Grand entrance
13 . Large courtyard

3511'26N 10148'40"W

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