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Lone Star Grill in Amarillo, Texas is a vibrant and authentic filming location that captures the essence of Texan culture. With its rustic Western decor, live music stage, and lively atmosphere, this venue provides a dynamic backdrop for a range of scenes, from lively social gatherings to music performances. The mouthwatering Tex-Mex cuisine, extensive bar, and friendly staff add to the authentic experience, making it an ideal setting for capturing the energy and flavor of Texas. Whether shooting a party scene, a restaurant scene, or showcasing local Texan traditions, Lone Star Grill offers a captivating location for your filming project.

1 . Authentic Texas decor
2 . Pool tables
3 . Bar decor
4 . Parking space
5 . Southern exterior
6 . Dim lighting
7 . Casual seating

35. 05'30'N 101 49'46"W

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