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PUB 26

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this Pub 26, where the clinking of pool balls, colorful neon signs, and the flickering glow of multiple TVs create an electrifying backdrop for any filming project. With a variety of pool tables, dart boards, and high tables, the bar offers ample space for dynamic and action-packed scenes. The presence of gambling machines adds an element of excitement and intrigue, perfect for capturing the thrill of a lively night out. Whether you're shooting a thrilling sports match, a tense game of billiards, or a suspenseful bar scene, this location provides the ideal setting to bring your vision to life.

1 . Lively Bar
2 . Pool tables
3 . Neon signs
4 . High table tops
5 . Electronic gambling machines
6 . Dartboards
7 . Televisions
8 . Large bar
9 . Dark interior
10 . Large parking lot

35.11'08'N 101.52'22"W

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