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The Potter County Jail in Amarillo, Texas presents a realistic and compelling filming location with its imposing architecture, secure facilities, and controlled environment, perfect for capturing intense prison scenes or delving into the complexities of the criminal justice system. The jail features cell blocks, visitation areas, administrative offices, and strict security protocols, providing an authentic backdrop for crime dramas, legal thrillers, or documentaries. Its gritty atmosphere and attention to detail make the Potter County Jail an ideal choice for productions seeking an immersive and impactful setting.

1 . Cell blocks
2 . Visitation areas
3 . Phone call booths
4 . Cafeteria for inmates
5 . Recreational areas
6 . Outdoor garden
7 . Basketball court
8 . Intake room
9 . Sheriff's office

35.14'20'N 101.39'58"W

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