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The Randall County Jail in Amarillo, Texas presents a realistic and immersive filming location, showcasing the secure and controlled environment of a modern correctional facility. With its imposing exterior, cell blocks, visitation areas, and administrative offices, this facility provides a comprehensive backdrop for scenes involving law enforcement, incarceration, or legal dramas. The strict security measures and professional staff add an element of authenticity to any project set in the criminal justice system. Whether shooting a gripping prison drama or exploring the dynamics of life behind bars, the Randall County Jail offers a compelling setting to bring your story to life.

1 . Cell blocks
2 . Visitation areas
3 . Phone call booths
4 . Cafeteria for inmates
5 . Recreational areas
6 . Outdoor garden
7 . Basketball court
8 . Intake room
9 . Sheriff's office

35.07'02'N 101.52'03"W

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