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The Neal unit offers a captivating filming location with its modern architecture, well-designed courtyard, and stringent security measures. The facility's impressive amenities, including recreational areas and communal spaces, provide a realistic backdrop for prison-related scenes or character-driven narratives. The strict protocols and controlled environment create an authentic atmosphere for capturing the intensity and challenges of prison life. Whether filming a gripping crime drama or a thought-provoking social commentary, this prison location adds depth and realism to storytelling while ensuring the safety and privacy of all involved.

1 . Cell blocks
2 . Visitation areas
3 . Phone call booths
4 . Cafeteria for inmates
5 . Indoor and Outdoor recreational areas
6 . Outdoor garden
7 . Basketball court
8 . Intake room
9 . Sheriff's office
10. Surveillance room
11. In-house medical
12. High Security
13. Holding cells

35.14'20'N 101.44'15"W

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