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35.11'30 N 10152'26"W

The Super 8 Motel in Amarillo, Texas offers a versatile filming location with its convenient amenities and comfortable accommodations. Its modern and well-maintained exterior as well as recently renovated interior provides a visually appealing backdrop for various storylines. Inside, the motel offers spacious rooms and common areas that can be adapted to fit different filming needs. Whether you're shooting a road trip movie, a suspenseful thriller, or a heartwarming drama, the Super 8 Motel provides a practical and affordable option for your filming project in Amarillo.

1 . Large parking lot
2 . Front desk
3 . Hotel rooms
4 . Office space
5 . Eating space
6 . Breakfast bar
7 . Indoor pools
8 . Hotel Suites
9 . Large entrance with spacious lobby

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