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Zombiez Bar in Amarillo, Texas is a vibrant watering hole that immerses you in the alternative funky spirit of the city. Its bold and colorful decor, adorned with road signs, flags, and street art, creates a visually striking backdrop for filming. With a pool table as a focal point, the bar exudes a lively and energetic atmosphere. The neon lighting adds a touch of excitement and sets the stage for capturing the rebellious and free-spirited essence of biker culture.

1 . Lively Bar
2 . Pool table
3 . Road signs as decor
4 . Flags on the ceiling
5 . Outdoor seating area
6 . Large bar with large quantities of bottles
7 . Neon lights
8 . Biker bar feel

35.12'16'N 101.50'46"W

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