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35.169809820463655' N , -101.91919039325278"W

Step into the eerie nostalgia of an abandoned convenience store gas station in Amarillo, Texas, where time stands still and memories linger. The weathered facade and cracked pavement tell stories of bustling activity that has long faded away, providing a perfect backdrop for atmospheric and post-apocalyptic scenes. The decaying gas pumps and faded signage evoke a sense of abandonment and desolation, while the overgrown vegetation adds a touch of nature reclaiming its space. With its character-rich exterior and hauntingly empty interiors, this filming location offers a canvas for storytelling that captures the essence of forgotten dreams and lost moments.

1 . Abandoned Gas station and convenience store
2 . Overgrown greenery
3 . Vintage vending machines
4 . Vintage sign
5 . Tires
6 . Leftover mechanic materials

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