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34.58'45'N 101.54'30"W

Embrace the authentic Texan vibe at Pak-A-Sak in Amarillo, Texas, a prime filming location that exudes local charm. This convenience store offers a bustling atmosphere, complete with a variety of snacks, drinks, and merchandise, providing ample opportunities for lively and relatable scenes. The vibrant exterior, adorned with colorful signage and a well-maintained parking lot, sets the stage for capturing everyday interactions and moments of spontaneity. Whether it's a comedy, a coming-of-age story, or a slice-of-life narrative, Pak-A-Sak delivers a genuine Texan backdrop that adds character and authenticity to any project.

1 . Convenience store
2 . Gas station
3 . Vintage interior
4 . Bathroom
5 . Large parking lot
6 . Air pump

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