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35.06'23'N 101.21'58"W

Claude High School in Claude, Texas offers a versatile filming location with its charming small-town setting, historic architecture, and picturesque campus. The school's traditional classrooms, spacious hallways, and iconic auditorium provide a range of settings for capturing various scenes, from classroom dramas to school events. The supportive and vibrant atmosphere, filled with enthusiastic students and dedicated staff, adds authenticity and depth to any educational or coming-of-age story. Whether filming a nostalgic high school romance, a heartfelt drama, or a light-hearted comedy, Claude High School offers a unique backdrop to bring your vision to life.

1 . High school
2 . Classrooms
3 . Front office
4 . Teachers lounge
5 . Cafeteria
6 . Parking lot
7 . Football field
8 . Auditorium
9 . Trophy display case
10 . Original as well as updated buildings
11 . Marquee
12 . Statue and flag pole

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