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35.19'40N 101.75'44"W

Just steps from the iconic Amarillo Restaurant “Big Texan” sits its very own motel, representing the Texas Panhandle and the restaurant itself. Each room utilizes the charm of light wood in the panelling as well as the furniture with pieces of Panhandle history such as windmills, the Texas star, different cultures and their history. The front of the building compliments the inside with a stark contrast of bright pink and blue in a pueblo style, highlighting the Mexican influences of Texan architecture. This space is perfect for western influences, a cohesive exterior to interior transition, and hotel scenes.

1. Bedrooms
2. Bathrooms
3. Desks in the room
4. Bright exterior
5. Texas flag painted on the ground of the courtyard
6. Hotel
7. Western
8. Large parking lot

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