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35.11'38N 101.48'30"W

An ideal place to film in Amarillo, The Cactus Cove provides rooms, event venues, meeting spaces, and updated communal areas to encourage ease of stay. This location not only has beautiful bedrooms spreading from single beds to full suites, but an indoor pickleball court, indoor putting green, indoor pool, atrium, and plenty of games to play during your stay! Beautifully decorated with live plants, hanging lights, and trendy hardware, this space is perfect for filming conferences, communal activities and games, modern hotel spaces, and a feeling of big-city staying.

1. Hotel
2. Bedrooms
3. Suites
4. Pickleball Court
5. Cornhole
6. Atrium
7. Swimming Pool
8. Pet friendly
9. Modern interior
10. Ample Parking

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