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34.58'49'N 101.55'47"W

The town square in Canyon, Texas is a charming and picturesque filming location that exudes small-town charm and historical significance. With its beautifully preserved architecture, quaint shops, and inviting atmosphere, it offers a versatile backdrop for capturing scenes of community life, celebrations, or even period pieces. The vibrant energy and bustling activity of the square provide opportunities to showcase the dynamics of a close-knit community and create authentic and engaging storytelling. Whether filming a romantic comedy, a family drama, or a nostalgic tale, the town square in Canyon, Texas is an ideal location to bring your vision to life.

1 . Vintage storefronts
2 . Restaurants
3 . Bars
4 . Old architecture
5 . Brick roads
6 . Water tower
7 . Large center town hall
8 . Streetside parking
9 . Local newspaper building

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